An Interview

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Just taking a moment to share an interview I did with Knitsy Magazine.

It was fun to be able to answer questions about my designs, knitting and yarn in general. It gave me an opportunity to think about the things I really cherish about this craft.

Happy Knitting!

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Sharing: A New Design from me & possibly A New Book for you!

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I am excited to announce that I have a new design in yet another of Iris Schreier's fantastic books.

One + One: Wraps, Cowls & Capelets: 29 Projects From Just Two Skeins

I fell in love with the double eyelet lace pattern a long time ago and thought it would be lovely in some of Art Yarn's gorgeous and decadent yarns. The cowl is reversible and joins together Beaded Ensemble and Cashmere Sock. While I was working up the pattern, I did not want the knitting to end. These yarns are truly luscious to work with and the desire to keep knitting with them is overwhelming! I also believe that if you are going to have something around your neck that it should be as soft as possible and what could be softer than cashmere and silk?


You can see all the other designs from the book on Ravelry.

If you would like to win a copy of the book, please leave a comment by 10/3/2014 3:00 pm EST. The winner will be chosen by the random number generator and will be announced the next day, so don't forget to check back!

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A bluegirl knits baby

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No I am not having or have not had a baby, but my nephew and his wife had a new baby this last winter named Poppie and I wanted to send her some special items. The three knits below are all my designs and since I seldom have the opportunity to knit in pink, I decided to pink out!

The hat on the left is Wayna Picchu and is one of my favorite gifts to make for any baby gift I need. It is fast, fun and looks so cute on those little baby heads!

The hat on the right is the Trinity Stitch Hat that  I designed for the book
60 More Quick Baby Knits for Cascade Yarns and it is really cute on. I have to admit it is a wee bit of a pain to knit though. The stitches make my hands really tired.

The Seed Stitch Yoke Cardigan is from the cover of 60 Quick Baby Knits in Cascade 220 Superwash and I had been wanting to make it again for a while. It is always interesting to come back to my designs and re-knit them after many months or even years. I always hope that the patterns are sound and easy to follow.

I hope Poppie loves them all!

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Rigid Heddle Weaving Take One

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Here's what I have been up to these days or past months. I bought a Schacht 25" Flip Loom from my friend Sarah at Knot Another Hat, who now carries Rigid Heddle Looms! I am loving it and learning so much more about yarn. When you start weaving, you have to look at yarn in a whole new light and that is fun. It is challenging too!

Project 1
Not so pretty

Ok, so I think the pattern in pretty and the colors are pretty, but look at those wonky edges. Bad, bad, bad. We all have to start at the beginning though and learning a new craft takes time. I wove this scarf on a 10 dent reed.

Project 2
Doing a little Better

Next up I tried Tea Towels. I used cheapo kitchen cotton, just to play around with color and to try to improve on my edges, which I have to say look a little better. Mister, formerly know as Mancake, helped me with the plaiding sequence and I think it is rather nice. I wove these on an 8 dent reed.

Project 3
Are you noticing a difference?

What happened here you ask? Well a couple of things. My edges are looking darn good and why is that? I took a beginner weaving workshop that Knot Another Hat held with instructor, Linda Gettman. I also ran out of yarn (the green), so I had to add the blue and I love it. It is fun to wear! Linda had some great tips and I know my weaving really improved after this workshop. She is teaching again at the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival, so if this intrigues you at all you should check it out. I am taking the class on pick-up stick lace patterns. I can't wait! 8 dent reed.

Project 4
Oh La La

Sadly all of my pics show off these terrible creases where I folded my items, but worry not, they go away with a very light ironing, which I was too lazy to take the time to do before taking the pics. Oh well. This scarf is made from sugar cane and it turned out just perfect. I love how the yarn striped and I love the feel of it which is soft and silky. My edges look nice and my weaving looks even. Check me out! I used a 10 dent reed.

Project 5
Fuzzy Wuzzy

This scarf was just a joy to work up! I have different color and textured yarns on the warp (vertical yarns) and the weft (horizontal yarns) is a self-striping mohair silk blend. I have discovered the use for mohair and it is not knitting. Don't get me wrong I love the way it looks, I just hate knitting with it. Now that I have a loom, I am convinced that this yarn was created for weaving! It hides every little mistake and works up quickly, since it puffs up as you work with it. I used an 8 dent reed, but calculated the size on a 10, which made my scarf super wide, but I love it, so I guess it was not a mistake, right?

Project 6
Tea Towels Revisited with Nicer Yarn

I like these tea towels and they certainly provided me with some lessons. I won't go into details on that, but let's just say I might like them better. I did secure my warp ends by sewing them on my machine and then folding and ironing on all sides and stitching all the way around the towels, which I really like. I am not a huge fan of fringe, so getting rid of it made me happier. I wove these on a 10 dent reed, but wish I had used my 12.

I have a new project on the loom, but have become distracted by something else, which I will have to share a little later. I also have been highly distracted by quilting! So much crafting, so little time...

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Japanese Knitting

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Some time ago, like maybe 3 years ago, I wrote about a trip I took to VK Live in LA. While I was there I took an all day class from Gayle Roehm about learning to read Japanese Knitting Patterns. It was an amazing class and I cannot recommend Gayle enough as an instructor. Later, I took a couple more Japanese Knittting classes from her at Madrona.

Thanks to Gayle I made this.

Yarn: Classic Elite Ariosa (the one with the bit of Cashmere)
Modification: Knit Bobbles in, instead of crocheting them on after the fact

If you have not looked at a Japanese Knitting Pattern (JKP from here on out) before, then let me explain it to you in short hand. There is a schematic and a few symbols and some numbers and that's it. There is a system for writing these patterns that everyone uses and if you know it, then you can knit it. Knitting a JKP is like doing a puzzle and if you are not the single size that is given in the book, then you have more work to do to adjust the pattern to your size. In the sweater above, I was able to follow the stitch counts given, which was helpful my first time out!

I used a heavier yarn than called for and still knit to gauge, which makes this a little more dense and coat like. I love it though and I am looking forward to knitting another JKP soon.

...will be back soon with lots of Weaving pics. I have been busy learning to weave or as I like to say loom.

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