Piece of Pi with A Twist

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Recently, I knit myself a hat. I knit myself a Piece of Pi, but I decided to add a little twist to the top. I love this hat, because it is a good hair day hat. You can be having a good hair day and wear your hat and still be having a good hair day when you take it off.

I also love this hat, because it is knit out of Classic Elite Yarns Fresco, which is one of my very favorite yarns. I just love the way the angora blooms in your hands while you are knitting with it. Fresco has made me fall head over heels for the bunny!

Both Madeline (that would be the cute 13 year old black lab above) and mancake were pretty impressed with the hat and mancake said he would like one for himself. Mancake does not ask for handknits very often, so this was a special request on his part and since I like him so much I headed off to the yarn shop and picked out many colors and brought them home for inspection. Some made the cut and others did not. Here he is contemplating his relationship with Madeline.

More to follow on this topic in a couple of days. Stay tuned...

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Comment by Julia on 2010-10-31 22:14:24
I can't wait to pick out colors and knit one!! Stupid yarn diet.

Comment by leslie on 2010-11-01 05:08:12
okay! i love how you changed the colors of each piece of pi!
these are SO cute, nichole.  (as are you and that SWEATER!)

Comment by Janice on 2010-11-01 05:47:47
I love the twist!  Have picked out yarn for my hats and am glad have not started cuz the twists are now going to be included!

Comment by bluegirl on 2010-11-01 08:07:32
Oh yeah, I should say that the sweater is from my trip to Ireland a couple of years ago. I got it in Galway at an amazing shop full of Handknits called O'Maille. The owner was such a fantastic woman, wo really gets what it means to handknit. She commissions knitters from all over Ireland to knit sweaters for her shop and when you buy your sweater, she can tell you exactly where it came from. My beautiful modern aran knit came from the County of Cork.

Comment by Sarah on 2010-11-02 14:19:31
Love how M's colors came out!

Comment by Karen Robertson on 2010-11-29 21:56:15


I love this hat. My mother in law is always looking for great ideas, I will have to direct her to your site.  I have never learned how to knit, one of these days....

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