Foliage Hat

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I love hats! I love knitting them and I love designing them and I love wearing them. Each hat that I design becomes a little mini challenge in doing something new for me. This is the case with the foliage hat. I really wanted to do something that combined colorwork and cables and with the eBook theme of Harvest, this hat just flew off my fingers.

Pattern:    Foliage Hat
Yarn:         4 sks Malabrigo Lace in #181 Marron Oscuro, #123 Rhodesian,
                 #42 Garnet, #35 Frank Ochre
Needles:   US 3 (3.25 mm)

Here you can see it in the large size in a different colorway.

Yarn:         4 sks Malabrigo Lace in #63 Natural, #181 Marron Oscuro,
                 #123 Rhodesian, #42 Garnet

This hat is knit with 2 strands of lace and it is so soft and cozy that I want to wear it all the time. The hat is knit from the bottom up with a contrast color turning hem that peaks out at the bottom. The cables are worked to look like trees and then some stranding to look like color changing leaves.

Next Up- A closer look at the Harvest Capelet

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Comment by Julia on 2011-10-21 11:06:15
I am totally in love with this hat...

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