Harvest Capelet

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What can I say about this capelet? Plenty

After designing the Piece of Pi Hat, I knew that I wanted to use the same short row circle technique to create some kind of shoulder draping thingy. That is a technical term by the way. I had also just finished knitting this and was completely enthralled by sticking beads into my knitting.

When designing, I usually start with a swatch and see where that takes me. My swatch for this capelet was huge. It took a bit of fussing to get the circle the way I needed it and it took a bit of fussing to get the beaded edge just right and it took a bit of fussing to get the lace to continue seamlessly over the short rows without interruption. Here is what all the fussing was about.

Pattern:    Harvest Capelet
Yarn:         3(5) sks Malabrigo Silky Merino, #76 Manzanilla Olive
Needles:   US 7 (4.5 mm)

The thing that I really love about this capelet is that it is so easy to modify the size. If you want it to come in more in the front, then knit another wedge, if you want to adjust the length, then the pattern tells you where you can easily adjust the stitch count. I will definitely be wearing my capelet around this fall!

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Comment by Peter on 2011-11-07 21:37:03
I have no idea what a harvest capelet is but it's pretty dang cute!

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